Monday, 4 May 2015

Began working on our PLANNING presentation due the following week (Mid-Sem break) for Arch1392 (Week SIX)

This is the second week of our mid-semester break, and as we did for the first presentation in week 3, we decided to divide the workload accordingly again and then collate and make changes to each others work before compiling it all into another Prezi presentation.

My role in this presentation was "what is planning" and "why do we need to plan?" as shown above.

I found this research to be quite interesting, for me personally I find that I do plan for most aspects of my life, but I don't actually realize the extent I plan, and I found physically speaking about 'planning' and putting our planning strategies down on paper (so to speak) to be quite beneficial, I hope the other groups can take away some information from our presentation as I sure gained some valuable knowledge whilst researching it. 

Vivien, Tom and I met at university for a few hours during the break to work on the presentation. We brought in a video camera and different items appropriate for the type of presentation we were aiming to achieve and spent the day in the red centre filming ourselves writing on the whiteboards and experimenting with different filming techniques. We wanted our presentation to reflect our topic of planning, so we used very basic drawings, a lot of sketches, handwriting to emphasise the planning stage, and overall we achieved what we feel a pretty great result. 

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