Monday, 4 May 2015

Communication presentation (group 2) for Arch1392 (Week EIGHT)

I unfortunately was too ill to be present at class this week, I was literally bedridden for nearly two weeks, I contacted Russell three days before class explaining the situation (which I will attach to this blog post) but I do also have a doctor's certificate that I can provide if necessary which will not be attached to this blog.

Even though I was absent, I was fortunate enough to be able to read through some very detailed notes on the presentation that a fellow group member posted onto the group blog, which I will link below.

Here is a screen shot of the notes that were posted from the COMMUNICATION presentation presented on the 29th/04 that I was able to read through:

How does communication relate to our project? Well, I read that there was no clear evidence of roles within the group, which made the presentation a little inconsistent. I feel like having roles is essential, it's not so you can 'point the finger' when something goes wrong, but it's more so that each member feels a strong sense of responsibility to the project, that there is a part of this project that actually relies on them to ensure that it's consistent with the quality of each of the other group members work.

This relates back to our project as there is a lot of modelling involved with multiple different programs and if each member doesn't have a very clear direction, when it comes time to collate the work, it will not be consistent which will lower the overall quality of the work presented to the client.

Our group has set up blog accounts, facebook chat groups, Dropbox file sharing accounts and exchanged mobile phone numbers; we are very well connected and communicate often which I feel is why we are headed in the right direction and received good feedback for our presentations and work submitted so far.

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