Monday, 4 May 2015

Group presentation of MERL museum for Arch1392 (Week TWO &THREE)

Week two and three consisted of a lot of research into The Museum of English Rural Life as this was the project that me and my group members were assigned.

Our project is to remodel both the building and some of the objects located within the museum as the museum is undergoing a major renovation and will be temporarily closed. The university of Reading (who fund the museum) have intentions of allowing the public access to the museum through a virtual experience online; the aim of our project is to create a realistic experience for the user. 

This presentation specifically is to present our thoughts/ideas to both our classmates and our lecturer/tutors, it is to show the research we have undertaken and showcase what we want to achieve throughout the duration of the project, a chance to get some feedback to state whether we are on the right track as to what the client wants.

My role in this presentation was to research The Museum of English Rural Life (MERL), it is essential to have a solid understanding of what you intend of working with, to understand how the museum established itself, to know what the significance is, and to ensure that we target our intended work to the correct market.

The image above shows the research I gathered, which was then sent to another team member to collate into a Prezi file and to make it look visually pleasing ready for presentation.

Please find the link to our group's presentation linked below:

Here is a screen shot of the "Prezi" presentation:

The roles for this presentation consisted of:

- The brief, and collating all the information to put together a presentation (Vivien)
- The history of MERL (Grant - me)
- What software will be used and the approach we will take (Aram)
- The interactivity of the project (Ribal)
- Research on existing virtual museums and other related projects (Tom)

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