Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Intellectual Property (group 3) for Arch1392 (Week NINE)

Intellectual property: WEEK 9


-          Good introduction, very well informed definitions of the different forms of intellectual property
-           Well-presented structure, great use of font and typography
-           Related the presentation to other groups projects, very relative
-           Good use of images, having two images side by side to show comparisons of their work and existing work
-           Adapted well to new information, one of the group members related the information from the lecture today in his speech, impressive!
-           Well done video, good use of music and minimal text
-           Answered all questions thoroughly, actually did know their content


-        Extremely repetitive and they should be relating much more of it to the work that they will be completing

Overall I feel like this presentation was great, very informative and it's really great to know this information considering we may endeavor to use a lot of this in the future considering we're completing a design degree.

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