Monday, 4 May 2015

Planning submission & group presentation for Arch1392 (Week SEVEN)


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We were told that our presentation was very clear and the objectives were very clear. We were told we presented ourselves professionally and all spoke clearly with a well-constructed presentation. The length of the presentation was just under 20 minutes (perfect timing), the video we created captured our concept well and was an amusing, yet informative video.

However, we were also told that with each of our slides during the video, there was not enough time to read all the content before the next slide would begin. We were told that we should have physically used the word "collaborate' more frequently during the presentation considering it is a collaboration studio (although they mentioned they felt the collaborative work was present), but it should have been emphasized during the presentation. 


After our presentation, Russell had the chance to speak with us post his UK visit, and there are some major changes to our project.

Initially we were using 3DS Max and Unreal Engine 4, however after discussing the project with the client again, it was understood that the clients want to be able to access these files and alter them themselves, so that any future changes to the models/objects can be altered by them. This was an issue for our work we have presented so far as these two programs are not for beginners, so we basically needed to continue in the same direction with the same objectives, but with different programs that are more entry level.

3DS Max will be replaced with SketchUp & Unreal Engine 4 will be replaced with Revizto.

This is quite a set back, we need to start from the beginning again, however our group is being optimistic about the situation, as both the new programs are much more simple, but the quality of work is not as great. So now, we will begin modelling the building in SketchUp and work from there...

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