Sunday, 31 May 2015

Progress for the final submission this week (WEEK 12)

Some updates on work I have completed for the group project:

I started to export the model into Revizto from SketchUp to play around with Revizto and to see if it would be successful or a complicated process. First issues were light coming through in areas of the model due to incorrect modelling techniques in SketchUp (walls not meeting each other, gaps in roof structures etc) so I began fixing those up (and as a result I had to redo the entire curved roof structure to ensure it was one solid block, you'll notice it looks a little different). Pictures attached:

After i replaced the roof and fixed any errors in the model, I then exported the file into Revizto and started to import the objects into the file to see how it would come together. I find Revizto to be quite difficult to navigate around, I figured out how to merge files (our sketchup files, with the objects provided) but once I would get the object in the file, it was so difficult to move it into the position you wanted it. I was given three options to select when importing the object, and I have figured out that "center of the screen" is the easiest, and I have also realized (through alot of trial and error) that after you have clicked "OK" after the import, you cannot move that object again until you are merging another object. Here is a picture of what I was working on:

After I had the objects imported into Revizto, I started to import the 123D catch images of the older parts of the museum that weren't required to be modeled in SketchUp - these made my computer lag SO much, and again, were very hard to navigate around the screen - and every move you would make, would make the computer lag longer, here is an image of where I'm up to at the moment. with connecting the 123D catch image with the file:

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