Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Remuneration (group 5) for Arch1392 (Week ELEVEN)

Remuneration group presentation:

- Great introduction to the presentation, great use of informal YouTube clip to get the point across in a humorous approach.
- Clearly presented, both members of the group were well informed and required minimal use of printed notes
- Good use of statistics relevant for students, comparing UNSW to different universities with the success of students finding jobs relevant to their degree after completing their degree.
- Answered all questions very well, one student related the presentation back to an interview he had last week and the salary he was offered (which was below the minimum wage) and they gave very great advice on how to approach the contract and how to negotiate it.

- The statistics were a little repetitive, could have been summarized much quicker 
- The presentation was very basic, a few slides with just text (few images) and the video was a YouTube clip, this project (in my opinion) was completed in one night - the standard was not on par with all of the other presentations

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