Tuesday, 19 May 2015

This weeks progress for Arch1392 (Week ELEVEN)

Over the last week, our group had divided the current work load so that when we meet again in class (today) we can go over the project as a group and list out the next stages of the project and where we will go from here.

The roles for the last week were split into groups of:
- Walls
- Windows and doors
- Structural elements (columns etc)
- Roof

My role was the roof. I have attached a few different  screenshots of the work I completed and how i modeled the roof onto the model after the walls were completed.

The images I have attached are progress shots as i believe the walls were modeled incorrectly on the mezzanine level, affecting my ability to model the entire roof. The images/plans/elevations/sections were helpful, but at the same time there are elements not really covered, so the incorrect walls was some what expected, but an easy fix.

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