Monday, 4 May 2015

Unreal Engine 4 and 3DS Max for Arch1392 (Week FOUR)

I installed Unreal Engine 4 and 3DS Max onto my computer to start to experiment with them (more so Unreal Engine 4 as I had no previous experience with this program, however I have used CryEngine in previous years of the degree).

I spent the rest of Studio and some hours outside of university just familiarizing myself with the commands of UE4 and creating different objects and environments to see how the features work.

Russell was going to the UK over the mid-semester break and visiting with the client of this project, and asked if we could have a basic environment set up, with an object or two imported into the environment from 3DS max - so we started to figure out how we were going to achieve this.

This was only a mini submission, however we split the task up to ensure it falls together, and myself and Vivien started Youtubing different tutorials of how to unwrap UVW maps in 3DS max and apply them to objects (as the client emailed us the textures/materials of the objects we're modelling).

We had quite a bit of difficulty with this, mostly because of outdated youtube tutorials and the settings in the program had changed, or simply would not work. Above is an image of one of the issues I faced (the components overlapping each other rather than laying out flat).

.... We are continuing to work on this ready to give to Hank for next week.

In addition to the above work produced, Vivien took the initiate to contact MERL to inquire about any existing drawings that they may have that would be of great assistance to our project. Both Vivien and myself spent some time during studio researching online and looking for ANY plans for the museum, but we were unsuccessful in finding any (even images of the museum is quite scarce) and so Vivien, fortunately, was able to receive some plans which will help model the building itself.

Here are the images that MERL replied with:

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